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Many BX owners get sufficient grip in snow without using tire chains, especially using the 4WD and differential lock. Additional ballast may help, (e.g. put some weight in the front loader or use filled tires). If this is insufficient, tire chains on the rear wheels can make a big difference, perhaps more so on ice.

Caution! Watch out for the reduced clearance between the chains and fixed parts of the tractor, especially hydraulic lines which are easily damaged. Keep the chains tight to prevent slack links flailing against fixed parts of the tractor. Depending on the type of tractor it may be possible to flip each wheel around and get more clearance between tire and the tractor.

Chains on Front Wheels?

Owners and even some dealers disagree whether chains on the front are a good idea. Some BX owners have reported that the chains can foul against fixed components when the wheels are turned. Try chains on the rears first and see if front chains are necessary.

Chains on Different Tire Types

Chains on turf tires work well. Chain on ag tires or industrials (R1 or R4) should be installed so that chains run across the lugs and don't sink into the grooves between the lugs. (Otherwise they'll be less effective.)


Some people claim it's easier to install the chains and get the appropriate fit by removing the wheels first. To install on the front wheels, raise the wheels using the bucket. Another tip from one owner is to partially deflate tires before installation and re-inflate afterwards. This works better with the rear than it does the front, because the front tires are not so compressible.

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TireChain.com has been the source for many BX owners.

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